Turtle : the new ecological transport service in Paris

The world is changing, evolving and so are we! Mobility is at the heart of the subject of ecological transition, particularly in urban areas. The use of the car is becoming more and more limited in Paris in favor of soft mobility such as cycling.

With Turtle, don't change your habits, just your mode of transport! With our electrically assisted tricycles, you benefit from a faster, cheaper and more ecological journey.

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How does a Turtle ride works ?

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Download Turtle mobile application

Available on IOS and Android.
Create your account in a few clicks.

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Indicate your destination and book your driver

You have access to the price of your trip and can pay with secure paiement or on board.

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Enjoy the ride

Benefit from using the bike lanes for an outdoor ride and (re)discover Paris.

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The pedicab Turtle

  • Electrically assisted motor : 25km/h
  • Seat belts, front and rear signal lights
  • Protections against rain and wind
  • Capacity : 2 personnes à l’arrière
  • Fabrication européenne

Everything you need to know about the pedicab Turtle

The history and success of the pedicab does not date back to the last few years. Indeed its definition and its history goes back, in France, to the 17th century...

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What are the advantages of a pedicab?

In urban areas, travel issues are numerous. Among the many solutions, the bicycle stands out as the most efficient today ...

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How is the price of a trip calculated ?

The pricing of private hire, taxis, or even self-service vehicles is sometimes unclear, Turtle describes them and demonstrates how its service is competitive...

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Group 37 - black

Less expensive

On average nearly 30% cheaper than VTC services

Group 41 - black


Turtle uses bike lanes and avoids traffic congestion

Group 40 - black

More environmental

Our pedicabs emit 100x less CO2 than a thermal car


What is Turtle ?

Turtle is an on-demand bike service with drivers in Paris. Our electrically-assisted bicycles, which can be booked via the mobile app, propose less expensive, faster and eco-friendly journeys as an alternative to ride hailing companies and taxis.

Benefit on the cycle lanes to avoid traffic congestion and enjoy the view !


How many people can use a Turtle bike ?

You can use a bike for up to 2 adults, including cabin luggage.

If you are more than 2 people, you can order multiple Turtle at the same time.

How to download the application ?

Go to this link to download the application on Apple Store or Google play: https://goturtle.fr/telechargez-application-mobile`

How can I book a trip in advance ?

All you have to do is go to the application, choose the pick-up & the drop-off point, the time you would like to travel with our services and complete the booking. You can book from 1h before to 365 days.

When can I book a ride ?

Our services are available from Monday to Saturday at the following times:

- Monday to Friday, from 8am to 9pm

- Saturday from 10am to 9pm

We are closed on Sunday.

How can I pay for my ride?

You can pay directly by credit card on the application or on board the Turtle bike by paying in cash or by credit card. The price is determined by the application and doesn't change during your trip.

Are we covered during the trip ?

With our Turtle bike, you are insured throughout your ride by our partner Axa.

Is the ride safe ?

Turtle bike-cabs are all equipped with safety belts to bring you safely to your arrival point. What's more, our drivers are trained and specially qualified to drive the Turtle in town.

Are luggage items allowed ?

It's possible to get two cabin luggage if you are 2 people or one large suitcase if you're travelling alone.

Please note that our pedicabs/rickshaw do not have a specific luggage compartment, but you have enough space to put your bag in front of you.

Are pets allowed ?

Yes, of course, you can take your pet with you on our bike. #petfriendly

Is it accessible to people with reduced mobility ?

Yes, with the exception of wheelchair users. The Turtle stops at the sidewalk for easier access.

Can I go to the Paris suburbs with Turtle ?

No, at the moment Turtle is only available in Paris intramuros.

Can I cancel my race ?

Yes, you can cancel a race free of charge at any time before the start.

How am I protected in bad weather ?

Turtle has fitted its bikes with weather protection against the cold and rain, and provides plaids to keep you warm in both summer and winter.

What is the environmental imprint of your mode of transport ?

When you use a Turtle bike-cab, you save 95.5% of CO2 compared to using a combustion engine car.

How is the price of a trip calculated ?

Turtle charges a minimum of €8 per trip and the price varies according to your trips, based on the number of kilometers and minutes.


You can find our price list and a comparative price list for Paris taxis and VTCs here: https://goturtle.fr/nos-services-vélo-taxi-tarification

Can we book a Turtle for multiple hours ?

Yes, I you want to visit the main landmarks of Paris, we offer several city-tours. You can also book a driver and its bike for a few hours directly on the app (click on “One-way trip” and select “Available”)

Does Turtle offer professional subscriptions ?

Yes, you can contact us by e-mail for more information: aymard@goturtle.fr

Download the app

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Your feedbacks are important

In order to improve the Turtle experience, we invite you to share your feedback or suggestions on the service.