Turtle : the new ecological transport service in Paris

The world is changing, evolving and so are we! Mobility is at the heart of the subject of ecological transition, particularly in urban areas. The use of the car is becoming more and more limited in Paris in favor of soft mobility such as cycling.

With Turtle, don't change your habits, just your mode of transport! With our electrically assisted tricycles, you benefit from a faster, cheaper and more ecological journey.

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How does a Turtle ride works ?

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Download Turtle mobile application

Available on IOS and Android.
Create your account in a few clicks.

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Indicate your destination and book your driver

You have access to the price of your trip and can pay with secure paiement or on board.

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Enjoy the ride

Benefit from using the bike lanes for an outdoor ride and (re)discover Paris.


The pedicab Turtle

  • Electrically assisted motor : 25km/h
  • Seat belts, front and rear signal lights
  • Protections against rain and wind
  • Capacity : 2 personnes à l’arrière
  • Fabrication européenne

Everything you need to know about the pedicab Turtle

The history and success of the pedicab does not date back to the last few years. Indeed its definition and its history goes back, in France, to the 17th century...

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What are the advantages of a pedicab?

In urban areas, travel issues are numerous. Among the many solutions, the bicycle stands out as the most efficient today ...

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How is the price of a trip calculated ?

The pricing of private hire, taxis, or even self-service vehicles is sometimes unclear, Turtle describes them and demonstrates how its service is competitive...

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Group 37 - black

Less expensive

On average nearly 30% cheaper than VTC services

Group 41 - black


Turtle uses bike lanes and avoids traffic congestion

Group 40 - black

More environmental

Our pedicabs emit 100x less CO2 than a thermal car

Download the app

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Your feedbacks are important

In order to improve the Turtle experience, we invite you to share your feedback or suggestions on the service.