IKO Real Estate x 

Franco-Folies Luxembourg 


Client : IKO Real Estate & Franco-Folies

Location : Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg

4 bikes - 3 days - 06/09/2023 au 06/11/2023

+2500 people transported +50 000 OTS


Facilitate access to the festival with Turtle:

The Franco-Folies, a renowned festival bringing together the greatest French-speaking artists, is not only organized in La Rochelle, but also in Luxembourg in Esch-sur-Alzette and in Belgium in Span, on Reunion Island and in Canada in Montreal. Every year thousands of festival-goers take part in this multi-day event. 

The Franco-folies of Luxemburg take place in the park located in the heights of the town of Esch-sur-Alzette near the French border. In order to facilitate access to the entrance of the festival, the promoter and real estate builder IKO Real Estate, offered the shuttle to the festival-goers.

An opportunity for the company to highlight their new eco-district located a few kilometers away in Rout-Lëns.

@IKO Real Estate

On this occasion, the IKO company privatized 4 Turtle bikes for 3 days including: 

- A rear display presenting the new district 

- An interior display with QR Code to discover the neighborhood in 3D 

- Branded polo shirts and caps for drivers 

- Training of drivers in a speech to explain the eco-district to visitors 

Result: 2,500 people transported



Following problems with their VIP shuttles, the production of Franco-Folies Luxembourg asked us to transport their VIP guests from the parking lot to the entrance to the festival and vice versa.


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