Paris Blockchain Week


Client : Trade show organizer, service then sold to XRP Ledger

Location : Carroussel du Louvre, Paris

9 bikes - 2 days - 03/21/2023 au 03/22/2023

+400 people transported +115 000 OTS


A marketing tool & a visitor service: :

On the occasion of the annual Paris Blockchain Week show, the organizers had as a reflection the mobility of its visitors, especially foreigners. For the first year, the show took place in the ViParis area of ​​the Caroussel du Louvre and not at the WestIn Hotel as in previous years.

The objective: to offer a free shuttle to the many visitors staying at the WestIn Hotel Paris.

Both located on rue de Rivoli, Turtle bikes can travel on the cycle path in both directions, unlike cars. An advantage therefore for visitors and trade fair organizers.

To finance the operation, the organizers of the show offered the operation as marketing support to a sponsor of the show. Indeed, during events, Turtle bikes can be personalized in the colors of the sponsor brand.

Thus, the organizers of the show had 100% of the operation financed by this sponsor, which benefited from high visibility with visitors but also with the many passers-by in the street.

@XRP Ledger

The many bicycles in circulation, in front of the hotel or in front of the entrance to the Caroussel du Louvre, draw the eye enormously to the brand displayed here on the back of the bicycle. 

Since the shuttle is offered by XRP Ledger, the beneficiaries appreciate and thank the company for the service offered, encouraging them to visit their stand. 

Here are the results of this operation: 

- 400 people transported 

- Positive impact for the advertiser and drive-to-booth during the event 

- Visibility for the show organizer 

- 115,000 estimated OTS on rear display

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