The benefits of Turtle pedicabs


The idea of ​​the Turtle pedicabs, at the genesis of the project, is to find a solution to the problems of urban mobility. Issues such as reducing air pollution, noise pollution, road congestion or the costs of VTCs and Taxis, have led us to offer you this pedicabs service that can be booked from a mobile application in Paris.

Available from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., our Turtle pedicabs accompany you on your daily trips: to go to or return from the office and avoid traffic jams, to quickly get to an appointment, meet friends, come home from a restaurant, run errands, shopping or simply to stroll in the open air. 

You can book your Turtle pedicabs instantly or in advance from the mobile app.

The advantages of the Turtle pedicab, an alternative to VTC/Private hire and Taxis in Paris, are:


Since the Covid-19 crisis, we have seen an increase in the prices of loan VTCs from 15% to 20%, without counting the various increases. This is due both to the increase in the cost of using a car today (petrol prices, maintenance, vehicle rental, insurance, etc.) but also to the increasingly heavy congestion in Paris.

Indeed, the price of a race is based on the distance and the travel time (find out more). With the development of cycle paths in the capital, traffic has deteriorated for cars, thus increasing the price of races. 

On the contrary, Turtle pedicab have legal authorization to circulate on cycle paths and bus lanes. Thus, by reducing the impact of traffic congestion and having few charges for using the pedicab, we can offer cheaper journeys or even cheap journeys with our discount codes. Turtle has also chosen not to apply a surcharge linked to the request for a pedicab.


As we mentioned earlier, road congestion in Paris has an impact on travel time. You should know that Paris is the second most congested city in the world. A Parisian loses an average of 6 days a year in traffic jams. 

Thanks to the cycling infrastructure, the Turtle pedicab is much less subject to this congestion and can reach its destination in an overall stable and fast time. Its size is designed to take all cycle paths. 

The average speed of the bicycle is estimated at 15 km/h against 12.7 km/h by car. It is considered the fastest means of transport in urban areas.

Thanks to its electric assistance, a Turtle pedicab can go up to 25 km/h and follow often more favorable cycle routes.



We cannot change the world alone, but everyone can contribute. Today an electrically assisted bicycle pollutes 100 times less than a thermal car.

Thanks to you, Turtle pedicab will save 200 tons of CO2 in the first year. In addition to reducing air pollution in Paris, the Turtle pedicab reduces pollution and noise pollution related to traffic. 

Knowing that 92% of trips are less than 5 km, the Turtle pedicab is the ideal solution for your daily trips.



We want to integrate into local, regional and national policy around cycling to promote the inclusion of this means of transport, especially for those who do not want or cannot ride bicycles themselves. 

We can also mention the difficulties encountered by some citizens in finding VTCs or Taxis for short journeys (less than 5km). Indeed, the LOM Law allows self-employed VTC drivers to see the duration of the journey and the associated amount. Thus, many refuse small races that they do not consider profitable, particularly because of traffic jams. Turtle is a response to these needs of fellow citizens. 

Finally, Turtle's societal approach lies in the salaried recruitment of some drivers.